Be careful going in search of adventure ... it's ridiculously easy to find.

                                -William Least Heat-Moon


SEPTEMBER 2019 update:

I've recently retired from my career as a Product Designer, and am relocating from Portland OR to the central coast of CA (San Luis Obispo) - my childhood home-town.  I'm building a studio-garage to facilitate full-time development of BASE vehicles.  This happens to coincide with the 'sudden' unavailability of Fuso FG 4x4 truck-chassis. [You might know: Fuso has directed their recent efforts into adapting gas/V8 power, but not (yet) into a 4x4 version.  No other US-available manufacturer offers a cab-over 4x4, and/but there are a few aftermarket outfitters that are converting 2WD trucks to 4X4.]  Until the 4x4 is available again, I plan to build a 2WD version (with limited-slip diff) as an experiment, which has some advantages: more suspension travel (better ride), lighter, etc. ... .  I am very interested in what you would like to see/purchase, although my business model (so far) is somewhat atypical:  I plan to build BASE trucks as fast as I can, and then offer them for sale.  Which is to say: I do not build them 'to order', I do not take deposits or offer any pre-sales.  These will generally be offered without (or with minimal) interiors, and then outfitting may be offered as a separate transaction.  I may offer these 'enclosures' for sale unmounted ... but again, will not offer anything for sale that is not actually built.  As I said, I am very interested in your (as you are 'the market') needs/wishes/desires in an expedition vehicle, in as much detail as you care to share: cost? size? pop-top? etc.?   Thanks in advance for sharing!  Please keep in touch, and keep an eye on the website

Mark Schoening -

Base4x4 Creator

 Award Winning designer Mark Schoening, conceived, designed and built the prototype of the Base 4x4 Expedition Vehicle.

bASE 4X4 EXPEDITION VEHICLES are purposely minimal, to encourage users to finish to their NEEDS/taste.  This means two things:  1] your vehicle will be unique - and 2] because it starts out minimal, it can be way more affordable than the alternatives ...