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bASE 4X4 EXPEDITION VEHICLES are purposely minimal, to encourage users to finish to their NEEDS/taste.  This means two things:  1] your vehicle will be unique - and 2] because it starts out minimal, it can be way more affordable than the alternatives ... 

10 December 2016 update:

I felt the interior did not deliver on the 'promise' of the exterior.  So I took it all out and rebuilt.  Biggest change is the lower bunk is much simpler and takes full advantage of the space when the side is flipped out.  Also, much more comfortable when in driving/stealth mode (when side is not flipped out, or top is not 'popped').  AND it stores vertically so a guy can haul motorcycles or other large objects.  Other changes: cleaned up all the wiring ... rebuilt the 'kitchen' cabinet so it has a real door, and, a full stainless-steel countertop.  Still has a fold-down bamboo work surface.  Check out the very last images in the group below to see latest. 

Also ... added a bunch of historical 'in-process' photos, organized them chronologically.  Ish.  Feel free to send me questions ... oh, and I plan to put this prototype up for sale soon ... send me a note if interested!

Be careful going in search of adventure ... it's ridiculously easy to find.

                                -William Least Heat-Moon

Mark Schoening -

Base4x4 Creator

 Award Winning designer Mark Schoening, conceived, designed and built the prototype of the Base 4x4 Expedition Vehicle.